Friday, 14 December 2012

free stardoll stuff

stardoll free stuffJ

hi people this blog is about all the free things available in stardoll:)
please follow us on twitter @stardollfreestuff.
this blog is made to help all the new non-superstars to get free stuff cause we believe that it is not only superstars that can become covergirls but also nonsuperstars.
Once a month we advertise about some stardolls in stardoll for them to win covergirl all you have to do is post on pebeble's guestbook or amyclairepretty's saying pls can u advertise about me in your blog and telling her why you want to win whatever you want to win lol.............

Advertising spotJ vote mr.tea coverboy cause he deserve it.

we help anyone but they must be from level 20 and above.. if we help you you must tell people in your presentation about us or we will report to the stardoll authorities cause we work for them lol!.
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